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"to stimulate the advancement of assistive technology for the benefit of people with disabilities, including elderly people"

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AAATE Workshop 2014: Education in “Care and Assistive Technology”, Heerlen, The Netherlands, May 22 and 23 2014 (The program for this workshop can be found here.)

Professionals across Europe play a critical role in the successful application of AT for people with disability. The level of their knowledge and expertise regarding Assistive Technology is therefor essential. Education is a key element in building and maintaining the required expertise.

The 2014 AAATE workshop focusses on various aspects of AT education in Europe. The inspiring program highlights best practices and seeks discussion among members of the AAATE, ISG and their colleagues.

The program of the workshop addresses education covering technology aspects regarding both Assistive Technology supporting individual end-users but also the related field of Care Technology, supporting care providers. It will cover both the application of existing technology and the development of technological innovations. It will address both primary education as well as lifelong learning. A special interest will be given to Multi-disciplinary collaboration in support of development and application of AT and CT. 

The workshop is of interest for healthcare professionals, technical developers and professionals and researchers in the domains of Assistive technology and Care technology. We look forward meeting you all in Heerlen, the Netherlands.

Online registration for the workshop can be reached with this link.

AAATE Conference 2015: Budapest Hungary


The Journal of Assistive Technologies is planning a special issue in 2014 on research relating to the use of assistive technology for any life benefit by people living with dementia. The call for papers can be found following this link.

A successful conference: AAATE conference 2013: Vilamoura, Algarve - Portugal, September 19-22, 2013

Assistive Technology and Development A message to the UN General Assembly

AAATE is partner in the eAccess+ project focusing on implementaiton of eAccessibility.
AAATE is partner in the ETNA project focusing on a European Web Portal on Assistive products.

AAATE supports in eAccess+ the online symposion for R&D in Web Accessiblity. More at: